Regulating valve, also known as control valve, is the final control element to change process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level, etc. by receiving the control signal output by the adjustment control unit and using power operation. The adjustment accuracy is high, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient.
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The angle seat valve maintains the flow rate to save space, and has the characteristics of sensitive response and accurate action. With the widespread application of industrial automation technology, the use of PLC and integrated control valve can achieve centralized control and remote control of the air control valve, reducing various environmental and human interference, thereby further improving the equipment level of the enterprise.
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The triple eccentric butterfly valve forms an angle on the basis of the double eccentric butterfly valve to form a triple eccentric butterfly valve. The structure has no mechanical wear and abrasion during the opening and closing process, its closing torque is small, the cutting performance is good, and the service life is long.
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The high-performance programmable valve is a two-way sealing valve specially developed and designed for the special working conditions of the pressure swing adsorption separation device; the valve adopts a soft sealing structure and the sealing surface is a flat sealing form, which can meet the sealing requirements of zero leakage; the valve is equipped with The double-acting piston actuator has the characteristics of rapid switching speed and large output thrust; the service life of the valve can reach 1 million times.
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