Hydrogen Production Unit
Methanol cracking-pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production technology is a technology that uses methanol and water as raw materials. It is converted into a mixed gas by a catalyst at a certain temperature and pressure, and then converted into a hydrogen-containing mixed gas by a catalyst cracking at a certain temperature and pressure. A technique for purifying hydrogen by pressure adsorption.
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This technology uses natural gas for pressurized desulfurization and chemical reaction with steam in a special reformer filled with catalysts to generate reformed gas containing hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. After part of the heat is recovered from the waste boiler, the reformed gas is converted The medium CO is converted to H₂, the shift gas is cooled and condensed by gas-liquid sharing, and then purified by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to obtain qualified product hydrogen.
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After the hydrogen-containing (H₂) mixed gas enters the adsorption tower of the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) device, the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent in the adsorption bed for each component in the gas mixture varies with pressure, and the raw gas is adsorbed when pressurized The impurity in the adsorbent and the difficult-to-adsorb component (hydrogen) are output as a product from the outlet end of the adsorption bed. During decompression, the adsorbed impurity component is desorbed and desorbed, while the adsorbent is regenerated. At least four adsorbent beds are used for cyclic operation. Realize continuous output of product hydrogen.
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Our company adopts the high-performance Prisson membrane imported from the United States, equipped with a self-designed and perfect process, to recover the hydrogen in the synthetic ammonia vented air and ammonia tank vented gas in the traditional process, and then return to the synthetic ammonia production system or further purification For high-purity hydrogen, to achieve the purpose of increasing production and reducing consumption and as a hydrogenation product, the purity of the hydrogen reaches 90% to 99.9%.
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