This product mainly removes oil, liquid water mist and dust in compressed air. With high efficiency, convenient use and low operating cost, the product is divided into three levels: C, T, and A according to different stages.
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The use of high-quality, high-performance filter elements, using mechanisms such as condensation, gravity sedimentation, Brownian diffusion, etc., collect and adsorb small mist-like particles to achieve gas-liquid and dust separation, thereby obtaining ideal air quality.
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Activated carbon fiber is used as the filter material, which has strong adsorption performance and can filter out the residual oil and odor in the compressed air. It is suitable for compressed air purification systems such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. The system needs to be installed in front of the C level, T-level, A-level or other filters.
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Imported hydrophobic PTFE filter element is used to produce sterile compressed air through condensation and separation. It is an ideal gas organic solvent sterilization filter. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, fermentation, food and beverage, beer brewing, biological goods and other industries.
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It integrates cyclone separation and cohesive type-level purification, directly intercepts the oil and water in the compressed air, and removes ≥98% of the oil, water and dust in the compressed air through cyclone separation, inertial collision, and gravity sedimentation.
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It integrates three-stage purification of cyclone separation, pre-filtration, and fine filtration. It directly intercepts the oil and water in the compressed air. Through cyclone separation, gravity sedimentation, the coarse filter element and the fine filter element are filtered to completely remove the oil, water, and water in the compressed air. Dust, the compressed air filtration accuracy after treatment can reach 0.1μm, and the residual oil content is less than 0.01PPm.
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