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Dec 26,2023

The total mileage is 74536 kilometers, the total duration is 114 hours and 5 minutes, and the total number is 61 times, with an average of at least once a week. This is a flight report by Cheng Xiaohua, chairman of Hangzhou Pufico Air separation equipment Co., Ltd., since this year. This data is a true portrayal of his team seeking transformation and participating in the joint construction of "the belt and road initiative" over the past year. It takes courage to take every step and sweat to take every step well.

In 2023. for Cheng Xiaohua, the biggest feeling is busy, either on a business trip or on the way to a business trip. As long as the customer has a demand, he becomes a "traveler" and goes whenever and wherever he wants.

Cheng Xiaohua said: "The current scale of the company is still small, and the successful people around me are working hard. I have no reason to be lazy. Only by running more can I create more opportunities."

Since its establishment, the company has been deeply engaged in the industrial gas and energy gas industries, and has made certain achievements in the field of energy-saving air separation, hydrogen energy technology and adsorption materials.

In 2023. Pufico successively won the titles of provincial specialized and special new enterprises, Zhejiang manufacturing "product word mark", Zhejiang's first set of products, Hangzhou patent pilot enterprises, etc., and the sales amount reached a record high. In the face of the achievements, Cheng Xiaohua believes that this stems from the "integrity and innovation" that the enterprise insisted on at the beginning of its establishment ".

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