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In 2023, CCTV's "Craftsmanship and Wisdom" Program Group-Entering Hangzhou Pufico!


Dec 04,2023

Bypast the previous periodOn-the-spot visit and screening, the company was selected by CCTV's "Craftsmanship" column, in.2023Year11Month24-26DayThe first issue of the film abandoned too many artificial carvings, and more focus on documentary, with real documentary records.

11Month24Day afternoon4Point, the column team arrived at the company, every minute to start preparing to choose scenes, light sources, props......They also interviewed Chairman Cheng Xiaohua, Deputy General Manager Yu Wei Jing, Dr. Wang Yangang of Jiaxing University, General Manager Li Wenyu of Hydrogen Production Division, Purchasing Manager Luo Qingshan, and Wuhan Manager Huang Jinguan.


11Month25On the 1st, the column team took pictures of the company's exterior, exhibition hall, offices and factory environment.


11Month26in the morning,CompanyOrganizing the activity of "cycling along the river" is also a concrete embodiment of the cultural construction of Pufico, which is of great significance to enhance the physical fitness of workers, carry forward the concept of environmental protection, enrich the corporate culture and promote the development of enterprises.

11Month26On the afternoon of the 2nd, the team arrived in Guangzhou to interview the Guangzhou Feinan project.

11Month29On the morning of the 2nd, the column team arrived in Inner Mongolia to interview the Inner Mongolia project.

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