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Feb 18,2020

Hangzhou Pfike Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of the beautiful Fuchun River, in Xindeng New District, Fuyang Economic Development Zone in the suburbs of Hangzhou, between Hangzhou West Lake and the national scenic beauty of Qiandao Lake and Yaolin Wonderland, and the outer ring of Hangzhou , 320 National Highway staggers through the front of the factory, the traffic is very convenient.
The company has achieved a strong technical alliance with a number of scientific research institutions and universities, and quickly integrated upstream and downstream enterprises. It is a technology-based enterprise integrating engineering consulting, engineering research, design and manufacturing, marketing and engineering general contracting. The company specializes in the promotion and application of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials for gas separation and energy gas recovery. Engineering service areas cover natural gas processing and processing, petroleum, chemical, fine chemical, coal chemical, metallurgical steel, electric power, medicine, fertilizer, glass, food, alcohol, daily chemical, biological engineering, environmental protection, etc.
In terms of technology, we have developed pressure swing adsorption nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide equipment, polysilicon tail gas recovery, and PVC tail gas recovery technology that have reached the domestic advanced level. In the field of hydrogen production, we have developed low-energy coal-based hydrogen, Natural gas conversion hydrogen production technology has reached the domestic advanced technical level.
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