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Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production technology


Feb 19,2020

The pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production technology adopts the principle of pressure swing adsorption. Under certain pressure, due to the dynamic effect, the diffusion rate of nitrogen and hydrogen molecules on the carbon molecular sieve varies greatly. In a short time, the oxygen molecules are absorbed by the carbon molecular sieve in a large amount. The molecules are enriched in the gas phase to achieve nitrogen and hydrogen separation. Since the adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen varies significantly with pressure, reducing the pressure can desorb the oxygen molecules adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, so that the carbon molecular sieve can be regenerated, repeating the cycle alternately, and continuously producing high-quality nitrogen. .

Widely used: petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, automobile, food and aviation industries.
Device technical characteristics:
Product quality is reliable, gas volume is stable, and purity is high
Advanced production technology and simple process
The whole adopts skid-mounted structure, compact layout, small footprint, and convenient movement
The device is easy to maintain, completely unattended, convenient to start and stop, and continuous working time is more than two years.

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