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Empty nitrogen ratio


Apr 22,2022

empty nitrogen ratioIt refers to the ratio of the air consumption of the nitrogen generator to the gas production. Under normal circumstances, the smaller the value of the air-nitrogen ratio, the less air consumed to produce the same flow of gas, the higher the utilization rate of air, and the required The lower the energy consumption; on the contrary, the larger the value of the air-nitrogen ratio, the more air is consumed to produce the same flow of gas, and the corresponding energy consumption is higher.

Compressed air (compressed air) usually refers to air that is stronger than atmospheric pressure. The most common compressed air is produced by air compressors in industrial production. The most important use of compressed air is widely used as a power source in various industries of industrial production.


Nitrogen generator gas production: the volume of nitrogen produced per unit timeNm3/h is the unit.

Air consumption of nitrogen generator: air consumption= (nitrogen flow× air-nitrogen ratio) ÷ 60

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